Welcome to the web home of the Booher family of Ocala, Florida.  

    Our family is the result of melding two families, much like the Brady Bunch.  Chuck and Gena Booher are the owners, I mean PARENTS of four lovely daughters.  They may have more body hair than most little girls, but we love them just the same.  Some people call them dogs, more specifically, Airedales.  It is true that they are Airedales, but they are kids to us. 

    In February 2002, our family was honored to 
    be awarded Airispikari (The Airedale Goblet),
     by the Airedale Club of Tempere, Finland

    Our oldest child is Rita.  Nine year old Rita believes that she is the alpha dog.  She is taller than the other dogs and constantly tells them, and us, that she is in charge.  Rita insists on being the center of attention, being in the middle of any activity, and believes that all objects of value belong to her.  Rita has been Gena's dog since she was very, very young.  Gena occasionally wrestles Rita to the ground, which Rita enjoys immensely. 

    Ellie is Rita's 7 year old biological half-sister.  Ellie is the heaviest of the kids.  She weighs about 70 pounds.  Ellie likes to eat, sleep, go for walks and snuggle.  She doesn't like to do much else.  What else is there?  Ellie is sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily.  She doesn't like to roughhouse with people like her sisters do.  Ellie does however, enjoy a good game of "biteface" with Rita.  Ellie doesn't care much about pack dynamics.  She doesn't try to assert herself, but she doesn't take any nonsense from the other dogs.

    The next addition to the family was Bellona.  Bellona is named after the Roman goddess of war, destruction and chaos.  If you leave an Airedale puppy alone in a room for about 10 minutes, you will find out why that is an appropriate name.  

    Sophie came to live with us on Christmas day, 2003.  She was 15 months old.  It seems that she wore out her welcome at her first home by acting like an Airedale.  In the next few week we housebroke her and brought her weight up 15 pounds so that her ribs, spine and hipbones didn't show anymore.  Sophie and Bellona are best friends and constant playmates.

    Chuck and Gena were married on January 1st, 2001 after being introduced by our Airedales.  For that story, click on the WEDDING button.


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